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★★★★★ Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and Helpful.THANK YOU!MM ★★★★★ The doctors and staff at Eastgate do their best to help my pet live her best life!Julie H.Julie H. ★★★★★ I found this place while desperately looking for an exotics vet. I was not disappointed. The staff were so sweet and there was a gal who was over the moon ecstatic to see our gerbil when we brought her in to be checked out. I immediately felt comfortable with them handling my little girl. The vet herself was very kind and very empathetic when it came time to euthanize our pet. They were patient and gave me privacy to say my goodbyes. The staff mirrored my sorrow and were patient. It's obvious that these folks do their job for the love of what they do. I am happy I found them and recommend them to everyone I meet looking for a vet. They are great folks and they pay attention when you express the concerns for the pet. They are thorough and answer all your questions as best they can.Mirra W.Mirra W. ★★★★★ Wonderful place for veterinary serviceAlexandra PAlexandra P ★★★★★ Dr. Dana Tsuchida was so kind thoughtful! She took her time to perform a full exam and thorough exam even though we just needed a tick removal. She explained everything really well down to the anatomy and definitely showed that she has passion in helping animals.Lillian B.Lillian B. ★★★★★ Excellent staff, always kind, knowledgeable, considerate, and the most well organized Veterinary Clinic I have known in 40 years. Highly recommend Dr. Moses. With gratitude ~ Lisa and Grace._anditiswhatitis _._anditiswhatitis _. ★★★★★ Dr Kelly was gentle, she kept me informed of what was happening and what needed to happen.Linda D.Linda D. ★★★★★ Unfortunately I was here to put my boy down, but the staff was very supportive, patient, and accommodating for my 10 year old and I as we mourned. Everything was explained before it happened and we were given privacy until we chose to leave.On a more positive note, previous trips have been as good as can be expected. Through exams, detailed post-op instructions, and responsive whenever an issue came up. Highly recommended for all pet needsRaymond W.Raymond W. ★★★★★ They always take care of our Guinea Pigs here! Great staff, great service!Allen S.Allen S. ★★★★★ Staff very eager to work with you for an appointment. Dr Lang was very knowledgeable and thorough.Terenia L.Terenia L. ★★★★★ Super helpful , the workers were all super nice and knew exactly they were doing. Definitely would recommend coming here for all your animals , they even treat fish !G AG A ★★★★★ We have been going there for years. Love it. All the staff are very professional. Our sheltie loves visiting them.Stacy W.Stacy W. ★★★★★ I have consistently gotten appointments quickly, and they are caring, kind, and informative. They love animals and are eager to help. Everyone has been great, every time. Highly recommend!Emily M.Emily M. ★★★★★ My old parrot vet was retiring and I heard eastgate seen parrots. So I tried them out. The vet was very caring and seemed to know about parrots and there special needs. As a plus my parrot really seemed to trust the vet and the vet was very gentle with him. I will be going back with the rest of my flock.Beth D.Beth D. ★★★★★ Caring staff and excellent veterinarians who are very good with my dog (who really hates going to the Dr).Melissa P.Melissa P. ★★★★★ We love this clinic, they are very accommodating to our fur babies.Wendy R.Wendy R. ★★★★★ Such amazing staff. So loving and patient with my anxiety ridden pupper!Sharon C.Sharon C. ★★★★★ This Veterinary Clinic, veterinarian, Dr. Moses, and entire staff are amazing! They worked with our cat, and us. They saved her life, minus a hind leg, and she got her stitches out this morning. She is doing great! 😻 Thank you to ALL OF YOU at Eastgate Veterinary Clinic!Julie TJulie T ★★★★★ Living on the Oregon Coast, most vets are booked 3-5 months out. Eastgate was able to help us immediately with a stray kitten and assess her immediate needs. They have Saturday availability and are quick to respond to questions and lab results. I cannot recommend them enough!Seana L.Seana L. ★★★★★ Wow, we were really impressed with how much more enjoyable the experience was this time than it was a year ago when we were in. I attribute the great experience to the doctor who examined our dog and the technician who took us back and handled the initial part of the visit. They were both great to work with. Dr. Moses seemed very knowledgeable, helpful and had a great doggie bedside manner. When the young tech took us back to the exam room she checked with us to confirm what the purpose(s) of our visit was for; and she was really transparent about the products. We really appreciated that she listened to us and addressed any and all of our concerns; was not pushy at all. Unfortunately, I forgot her name. But, after Dr Moses came in and he performed his exam, we went ahead and muzzled our dog, so the nice tech could take our dog back to trim his nails. Our dog is not a big fan of people picking him up, or having people poke or prod him. If he likes you, he'll show it and appreciate all the love and affection you show him. But, it's on his terms. I think that's because he is a rescue dog. But, when the tech took him back, she put him in a sling and had his nails trimmed in no time at all.The purpose for our appointment/visit was because it was time to order more flea medicine for our dog; and he needed a current wellness visit, in order to be able to get a new prescription. They have a pharmacy and an online pharmacy, as well. Also it made sense for us to get his nails trimmed at the same time. As for the flea meds, our dog has had no problems with using Credelio and we wanted to get another prescription for it, rather than try a new medication which we had no idea whether or not it would work. We weren't using the companion worm medicine, Interceptor Plus, because when we were in there last year the staff at that time indicated they were unable to draw blood from our dog and so, as a result, we didn't want to put our dog's life and health in jeopardy by giving him that medication if it could cause him harm. Because Credelio and Interceptor Plus are not inexpensive products, the staff at this clinic/hospital/pharmacy are now offering an alternate medication which treats for fleas & ticks, as well as for worms; and it is much more afordable. We explained to the tech and the doctor why we had not been using the Interceptor Plus and also that we were happy with having no flea issues since we started the Credelio; and they didn't try to push products or services that we didn't desire. As a customer, that was really a plus, to me. Likewise, there were some other shots which we could have had them give our dog. However, due to their transparency and knowing that our dog is never at a kennel and doesn't get along with other dogs anyway, there was not any real likelihood he would contract any of the diseases or conditions those other medications would have helped to prevent; and we really appreciated that they didn't push us to get those meds either. They explained what those other meds were for and the environment most conducive to contracting the health conditions which those meds were designed to prevent. But, they let us make our own call on whether or not to get those shots. Dr Moses also gave us some tips, let us watch a short video and had some helpful suggestions for our dog and for our next visits.It was a great experience! 😁 But, I forgot to take any pics of the lobby or the parking lot and exterior 🥴Tom M.Tom M. ★★★★★ My dog Roxanne was taken very good care of at Eastgate, she had a small cut on her upper right fwd leg, luckily Eastgate was able to see us, they fixed her right up, thank you so muchjeffrey D.jeffrey D. ★★★★★ I was referred to Eastgate Veterinary Clinic by my normal vet, as they were booked out months in advance. It's safe to say, that I will definitely be coming back to Eastgate for both of my reptiles' future veterinary needs! All of the staff were extremely friendly and inviting. I was super impressed with Dr. Lantz and her assistant as they were both extremely knowledgable and attentive to my rather squirmy snake- which I haven't experienced in the past with previous vets. Overall it was a 10/10 experience, and I highly recommend Eastgate, especially if you have exotic pets!Kelsie M.Kelsie M. ★★★★★ Decent pricing. Friendly people.NathanNathan ★★★★★ We took our boy Mateo to see Dr. Kelly. They were so attentive and kind. I would recommend them to everyone!Pamelcakes 0.Pamelcakes 0. ★★★★★ Everyone is very friendly and caring!Carole C.Carole C. ★★★★★ Very kind, knowledgeable and eager to learn. It's hard to find people who are just regular caring people.Desiree Y.Desiree Y. ★★★★★ Always get great service. The staff is very caring.Steve F.Steve F. ★★★★★ Really nice staff ❤️Alexandria W.Alexandria W. ★★★★★ We've been taking our two cats to Eastgate Vet Clinic for the past there years. Every visit has been excellent. From the reception to Vet techs, and the doctors there is friendliness, professionalism, and most of all they really seem to care about the pets. Vet Techs are great in that the cats never seem at all traumatized by them. Doctors are thorough and patient with answering questions. All discussions are about options instead of insisting on only one way to do things. If a procedure is done, even something as small as regular vaccines, they always follow up the next day to make sure the cats are doing fine, had no side-effects.Maggie L.Maggie L. ★★★★★ Very professional and caring. Wonderful staff, no long waiting times, and they make it easy to communicate, make appointments, and refill medications. Highly recommend!Michele TMichele T ★★★★★ They're great with my kitten and are honest about what she actually needs and what is hype.SomeoneSomeone ★★★★★ Calling ahead for flea meds or food is the way to go.The staff is always friendly and engaging. 🐶 🐕.Damon S.Damon S. ★★★★★ They helped my dog when no one else could. At another time they were very caring and kind with my gentle giant of a doberman. Good caring people.Barb S.Barb S. ★★★★★ Such great staff and doctors. My kitties love Dr. Lantz. Dr. Lantz also does their acupuncture for various ailments that pop up and it really helps!Stacy O.Stacy O. ★★★★★ Very helpful!Bonnie L G.Bonnie L G. ★★★★★ Dr. Moses and the staff are great to work with. We're very glad we found Eastgate VetSteve S.Steve S. ★★★★★ Very friendly and attentive staff, very skilled care from Dr Moses. We moved out of the area and drive hundreds of miles to continue getting care at Eastgate.Ethan W.Ethan W. ★★★★★ Very helpful, friendly peoplestacy C.stacy C. ★★★★★ The staff are very friendly, my vet was very knowledgeable and experienced personally and professionally, the exam was affordable, and the staff handled my bearded dragon gently and correctly. I was able to get a next morning appointment as a new client which, in my experience, is rare with many vets unless you are an established client. I would recommend them to anyone who has a reptile in need of care or just wants to have an established vet for routine checks or urgent situations.Amber W.Amber W. ★★★★★ I just had my German Shepard puppy in and I’m always amazed at how Doctor Emma Moses can determine by her touch. It takes incredible skill to diagnose a dog by running her hands over them. I know that I’m not alone when saying my dogs are beyond important to me. Emma is sensitive to my needs as well. As a bonus, Eastgate is a strong supporter of the VFW and veterans programs.frederick G.frederick G. ★★★★★ Helped with putting my dog to sleep. The nicest people. I plan on using them when I get another pet.Nicholaus J.Nicholaus J. ★★★★★ Our dogs are very happy patients with Eastgate!Alexis J.C. J.Alexis J.C. J. ★★★★★ Great service.Keith KKeith K ★★★★★ Great 😃👍Pearl T.Pearl T. ★★★★★ Professional and helpful!Lisa A.Lisa A. ★★★★★ Friendly, knowledgeable and professional.Dan K.Dan K. ★★★★★ My dog has been going to Eastgate for many years, and always receives excellent care.Melissa Y.Melissa Y. ★★★★★ Dr. Lantz is extraordinary!! She is so patient with our very challenging and nervous dog. We really appreciate her kind and compassionate approach.Sarah P.Sarah P. ★★★★★ They took great care of our new puppy and I feel very confident that she will continue to receive quality care. The doctor explained everything thoroughly and answered this nervous puppy mama’s questions :). We are happy to have found Eastgate to take good care is our newest family member!Tami L.Tami L. ★★★★★ Our 5 year old Chocolate Lab injured her neck 4 months ago. We took her to 2 other vets in Corvallis, and she was still having pain. We saw Dr. Lantz and are so impressed with the way she explain what she thought the problem was and the long term plan. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl and listening to our concerns.Brenda G.Brenda G. ★★★★★ This vet office is amazing. My dog was completely at ease and the was very professional.Deana A.Deana A. ★★★★★ Knowledgeable and kindHeather P.Heather P. ★★★★★ I switched to the Ark in Philomath on a referral from a friend and then I found out Eastgate was connected and much closer to home I have had no regrets they are patient and helpful and try to make it affordable without making you feel like a failure if you can't afford every possible treatment or test they help you make it work inside what's doable I like them alottina L.tina L. ★★★★★ My 16yr old you poodle, Peaches, is in good hands here! She is so precious to me and it's a huge relief to have a vet nearby who genuinely cares about her health and happiness as much as I do. The staff here are incredible - helpful and friendly. They always do their best to accommodate us and our quirky needs as Peachy moves through her golden years. We have seen several of the vets and each one is just as warm and kind as the last. Thank you for taking such good care of my girl, Eastgate!Gabrielle D.Gabrielle D. ★★★★★ The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I trust them because they treat my dogs like their own.Kris A.Kris A. ★★★★★ They take much care with my little buddies😊💚Adam G.Adam G. ★★★★★ I have come to Eastgate with three dogs and three cats over a period of 16 years. Every Vet, technician and member of the staff is competent, courteous and caring for the animals.DADDY L.DADDY L. ★★★★★ Staff is always great taking care of our fur babies. Friendly, efficient, and helpful every time we visit. Answers all our questions and luvs on the pooches!Garry P.Garry P. ★★★★★ Awesome place...took a rescue baby cat there. And they have called me multiple times. Asking for updates. They actually care.Michael K.Michael K. ★★★★★ The people who work here truly care and provide excellent health care for your pets...LongdriveLongdrive ★★★★★ This vet clinic is truly the best. They were able to see my cat very fast for his appointments. The staff is very kind, supportive, and take great care of your animals. As a college student this was a very affordable clinic and was able to accommodate all of my needs. I highly recommend this place. They are an amazing team!Harrison P.Harrison P. ★★★★★ We found this clinic due to a very sick baby. The outcome was not what we expected to hear but they were very kind and patient. They showed us more kindness than we have ever received from the vet on the coast.Donna W.Donna W. ★★★★★ Great vet although should buy perscription else where or at least compare prices .the people at Eastgate are awsome and always go above and beyond .Best place to get knee surgery for dog torn crucial ligament.. and they have sorta sister clinic in Philomath called the ark that mirrors the care at Eastgate. And when needed you can schedule at either location if your schedule so calls for it.tina L.tina L. ★★★★★ I was working in front of their building and found a cat that had been hit by a car. It couldn't walk because of an injured back leg. I couldn't leave so I called them and told them of the situation. They just said we'll be right out. Within 5 minutes the cat was being carried in by the staff. Very compassionate caring people that let their actions speak louder than words.Frank L.Frank L. ★★★★★ Great staff,. I have been taking my animals to Eastgate now for the past 3 yrs ,I highly recommend Dr Moses and his team for all your pets needs 😀james B.james B. ★★★★★ Very friendly, knowlegable staff!!! Regular vet exams are only 64.00 which is great if your on a budget!!!Cora M.Cora M. ★★★★★ Very kind, patient, and understanding staff.Kylie C.Kylie C. ★★★★☆ Could definitely be more friendly! Seemed rush and people with their furbabies seem just like numbers.JessicaJessica ★★★★☆ Depending on who you talk with they treat and talk to you differently. A few of them are passionate and caring and we’ve had a few that do not.They do care about our pets and their wellbeing.Heather MHeather M ★★★★☆ Was here for my pet snake , he saw Dr, lance and she was very nice and such a good vet 😀TrashybinboyTrashybinboy ★★★★☆ Always take good care of our dogs. Friendly staff and explain what they are doing and why.Jim R.Jim R. ★★★★☆ Professional and thorough. Able to get in at cery reasonsble time for dogs upset stomach. .not able to hold down food.Shy'd away from teeth cleaning program.Richard L.Richard L. ★★★★☆ The receptionist is super, and you have to appreciate her calm and efficiency, especially with phones, clients, and assorted wildlife all calling for attention.michaelmichaeljs_loader

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The service was excellent…the staff was very nice…great location from my home!

David R.

Great clinic with caring staff! They always call to double check on my kitty after I bring him in.

Erica J.

I’m so happy with Ark. we have a GSD, that’s almost a year old, and she’s been on their puppy plan since we got her. They welcomed her with open arms and she loves going in to see all the dogters/techs. They’ve been patient, kind, and very informative. I recommended them to my family with their senior dog, and her health has already vastly improved. 10/10!

Cynthia B.

I appreciate the attention they give to my pets. They offer care options to minimize expenses and maximize care. They work with the animals to make it a positive experience. Information is shared in lay terms so an owner understands what procedures are being done and why they are necessary. The veterinarians and technicians treat owners and pets like family. I would recommend Ark Animal hospital to everyone!

Teresa C.